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All Purpose Flour

Healthy and nutritious green banana flour made from the flesh…

Black Pepper

Low calorie and high vitamin cauliflower flour made from caul…

Children Porridge

Healthy and nutritious avocado flour made from super nutritio…


Low calorie but  high vitamin and minerals cucumber powd…


Healthy and nutritious high mineral and  high vitamin fl…


Healthy and nutritious flour delicately and hygenically made …

Sour Porridge

Nutritious paw paw flour delicately made from the sweet tropi…

Tea Masala

Highly nutritious and sweet flour delicately and hygenically …

Therapeutic Uji Flour

Highly nutritious and sweet flour delicately and hygenically …

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Gluten-free flours

A variety of nutritious, healthy, affordable and readily available gluten-free flour.

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Healthy Snacks Shop

Starting a gluten free diet is a lifestyle choice that individuals make for many reasons; there are several benefits of a gluten free diet. We have a variety of snacks ranging from cookies, crisps, crackles and factional foods like bread and pasta. Try us today to begin your healthy journey.

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Honey shop

Our Honey is sourced from Baringo County, it's 100% organic obtained from acacia Flowers. An excellent natural detoxifier, it's perfect for the liver and intestines.

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Powders and soups shop

Soup powder is used as a flavor enhancer to bring flavorful dishes, use for marinating foods before cooking, seasoning soup, broths, It is suitable for Vegetarian. Product brings a tasty dish, used to marinate foods before cooking, tasting broths, soups, broths etc. The product is packed for your convenience when used as well as stored.

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Spice Shop

For centuries, spices have been used in foods as medicine. Not only do spices help add taste, flavor and color, consumption of spices has a plethora of health benefits. They possess anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, and also act as antioxidants. They help fight off various infections, and are known for boosting the immune system.

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Why Us


Our products are uniquely creative in nature, customer centered solving 90% of health-related problems. We are a one stop shop that can serve different meal times such as breakfast, lunch and supper.

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Natural raw materials

Our gluten-free flour are delicately produced from freshest local materials. We take the pride in providing our customers with the goodness of distinctive health and quality gluten-free flour and bread served fresh through our expert quality manufacturing and packaging technology that we continue to develop and improve.

Food quality and safety compliant

We are compliant with the national standards as well as International standards-legislation and standardization bodies(FDA, gluten free, Kosher and halal standards), International standards –the international organization for standardization (ISO) Codex Alimentarious Commission (CAC)

Professional Bakers

We have professional bakers and chefs who puts their and dedicate their utmost best and produce the best qaulity, gluten-free and fulfilling snacks and varieties of bread. Check what our customers say about us and our products.

Fast delivery

Purchases are automated and processed immediately once you confirm your payment and your order is worked on. We strive to deliver products within three working days for local customers. Our shipping partners delivers products within 10 working for International orders.

About Us

GavoFoods was founded by two inspired women who are passionate about organic food farming and traditional diets. Our primary focus is producing gluten free-keto organic flours, Honey, Assorted spices, juices, seed oils etc that will serve the needs and healthy requirements for people of all age groups, people on diet and weight management and lifestyle diverse backgrounds.

Our products are uniquely creative in nature; customer centered solving 90% of health related problems. Read More

Our Pillars

Customer focus-We are committed in producing quality natural and organic food products with no additives and preservatives. Innovation-creating novelty and variety of traditional food products.

Our Vision & Mission

To be the powerhouse of gluten free-keto organic food products.

To be a Centre of innovative agri foods value addition in Kenya and beyond.

  • Passion and Innovation
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Honesty and Customer commitment
  • Our Achievements

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